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SHHS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit humane organization. We have no paid officers, directors or staff. We exist solely on the generous donations of corporations, community groups, and individuals.
This page is dedicated to those of you who have supported the sanctuary by donating funds and/or services during 2014. Thank you!
• Healing Alternatives, Farrier
• Pit Stop Sanitation
• P.J.'s Services
• Sarasota Classic Car Museum
• Sarasota Equine
• Signs2Go of Sarasota
• Suggs Repair Service
• Tom Lehmann, Farrier
• Whispering Ranches Feed
We appreciate all of our 2014 donors!
Special thanks to those who contributed $100 or more.
* Horse Sponsors                 ** Horse Fosters
Virginia Allen
Animal Network, Inc.
Janice and Richard Baierlein
Peter Baker
Margie and Charles Barancik
Barney and Carol J. Barnett Fund
Dorothy Beemsterboer
Jerome Bergman
Robert Blair
Shirley Blair
Jade Bond**
Jo-anne and Steven Bond and clients of Perfect Pool Service*
Loraine Brickman
Mary Budd
Theresa and Francis Buzan
Mary Elizabeth Carey
Gail Clifton
Susan Coyne
Merritt Dayton
Shirley and Eugene Deutsch
Sandra and William Dietrich
Carla and John Foard*
Larry Forrester
Suzanne and Henry Foster
Evelyn Fresch
Gary Fresch
Patricia Garno
Gina Glassman
Jean Griffin and Robert Hanson
Sarah Guttler
Fred Hall
Nicholas Hall*
Lisa Hammond
Susan and James Hanes
Diane Harding*
Abbey Harms
Arthur Harreld
Judith Hershberger
Gerald Hester
Hoofprints in the Sand 4-H Club
Marlene and John Isaacs
Heidi and Jeffrey Jackson*
Ronald Jurgens
Todd Kahler*
Karins Engineering Group, Inc.
Benjamin Keevil*
Stella Kelley
June Lefkovitz
Elaine Leitten*
Nancy Loeser**
Nancy Lundberg
Making Strides 4-H Club
Janet and Walter Margerison
Donna Marrs
Margaret and Robert McKelvey
John Meyer
Christina and Richard Meyers
Michael Morris*
Sandra and Peter Morris*
Susan Nachand
Tina Neff-Legg*
Doreen Palmer*
Jonathan Palmer**
Kimberley Pelyk
Alan Pervil
Lauren and Ned Pike
Beverly and Thomas Porter*
Elvira Quilter
William and Susan Rainville*
Dennis Riddlemoser
Sylvia Samet
Betty Schiff
Linda Schroeder
Nancy Schroeder
Krystal and Nathan Showalter**
Linda and Ronald Siegler
Linda and Kenneth Slavin
Janet and Richard Smalley*
Diane Stangle*
Marjorie Stapleton
Lora and Todd Stern
Alexander Tait
Diane Tait*
Rodney Tait*
The Autobutler, Inc.*
Janet Tobin
Marlies Tumulty
Barbara Walters
Susan and Richard Wellek
Ernest Westwood
Joyce Wilkinson
Norman Winston
Katharine and Ronald Woodfine
Ronald Yonover
Katie and Shawn Zechman**