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Sponsor a Horse ~ Save a Life
Have you always wanted a horse of your own? Don't have the time or the space to keep one? Our sponsor program makes your dream a reality and makes the sanctuary horses' reality a dream come true.
Sixteen Hands Horse Sanctuary is a safe place for the horses to live out their lives without the worry of a missed meal, solitary confinement or mental and physical abuse. You can help these forgotten horses!
These LUCKY HORSES have sponsors...
Billie Dancer Houston George Elvis Duke
Diane Tait Elaine Leitten Rod Tait Jeff & Heidi Jackson Tina
Clients of The Autobutler, Inc.
Patriota Dallas Chevy Bucky Willow Joe
The Owners & Clients of Perfect Pool Service Benjamin Keevil Nick Hall Todd Kahler The Smalley Family Doreen Palmer
Nick Hall
Monaquita Cami Frolic Dakota Charlie Dixie
Monaquita Cami
Michael Morris Bev & Tom
Michael Morris Bev & Tom
John & Carla
Diane Harding
Scutter Hailey Penelope Gypsy Tally-Ho Tango
The Owners & Clients of Perfect Pool Service Doreen Palmer Diane Tait Diane Stangle Michael Morris Peter & Sandra
These LUCKY HORSES are being fostered...
Mr. Peanut Daisy Logan Prima    
Jon Palmer Nancy Loeser Katie & Shawn
The Bond Family    
These horses still need sponsors!
Run your mouse over their pictures to learn more about them. Click for a larger picture.
Our "sponsor a horse" program is an annual sponsorship. For only $100.00 a month you can sponsor the horse of your choice.
Not only will you get the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting the care of "your horse," but you will also receive our monthly e-newsletter as well as updates and status reports on your horse. You will also be able to come out and visit and interact with your horse (by appointment only). In addition to that, you will receive discounts on event tickets and merchandise.
To sponsor your horse:
1. Select the horse you would like to sponsor from the pictures above. Click on the "Donate" button and follow the instructions.
2. On the "review payment" screen in the "add special instructions to merchant" section, please indicate the horse you would like to sponsor. If it is a gift or going to a different address than the billing address of the credit card, please indicate that in this section also.